What Our Patients Say:

Here are a few words our dear patients have said about Sunayana over the years.

  • I have undergone cataract surgery in both eyes by Dr. K.Y. Narasimha Murthy of Sunayana Eye Hospital 16 years ago. I was 97 years old when I underwent cataract surgery. Till today I have no problem in vision through I am 113 years old. Thanks to the expertise of doctors of Sunayana Eye Hospital. Let the almighty give all the strength to Dr. K.Y. Narasimha Murthy & Dr. Sujatha Murthy to render and restore the vision to all the needy people. God bless them.
    Pandith. Sudhakar Chathurvedi Vedic Scholar
  • Sunayana Eye Hospital is rendering service to poor patients through Spandana Charitable Trust, which is laudable. I wish the hospital and doctor all the best for their yeoman service.
    K.P. Rao President, Ragigudda Temple Association
  • I know Dr.K.Y. Narsimha Murthy as he was my student when he was studying in Bangalore high school. He is very simple and unassuming type and down to earth personality. He is a gift to our society. Let Sunayana Eye Hospital grow to new heights under his able leadership.
    Mr. Sameer Simha Teacher / Educationist
  • It is always pleasant experience to come to Sunayana Eye Hospital for eye checkup. Since last 6 years I have been coming & hospital atmosphere is pleasant and doctors and their team are very friendly. They are highly knowledgeable and I appreciate their concern to create awareness regarding eye care to the public.
    Mr. Nagesh Hegde Sr. Journalist
  • Dr. Narasimha Murthy has been my doctor for 20 years. Every single day I praise him for his great determination in solving problems with complete confidence. I am able to see well and write this, because of him. Thanks and best of luck.
    Mrs. Kiran Kashi CEO, Kiran Kashi Constructions
  • Lives of great men all remind us.We can make our lives sublime and departing, leave behind usFootprints on the sands of time.I am overwhelmed by the noble cause for which the Spandana Charitable Trust has set its focus.May his almighty bless the trust its entire path in the service of all.
    Mr. M.S. Sundara Rajan President, BHS Higher Education Society
  • My visit to your institution Sunayana has been a thing of beauty and joy forever for me.
    Dr. Mahesh Joshi, IB(P)S Dy Director General, Doordarshan Kendra Bangalore
  • I started my spectacles for short sight at Sunayana Eye Hospital 10 years ago. After 5 years I changed over to contact lens. I've known Dr. K.Y.N Murthy for 15 years and all my family members & friends have taken surgical and laser treatment from him. I had a lot of apprehensions about the LASIK procedure. But Doctor K.Y. N. Murthy with all his experience and patience has made me feel confident about my decision to undergo LASIK procedure.On 8-12-2010 I felt I was reborn again “Got my vision back”. I wish him all the successes for his journey in this noble cause.
    Miss. Anusha Software Engineer, USA
  • All my anxiety disappeared after I got back excellent vision from cataract surgery on 18-01-2011 by Phaco from Dr. K.Y.N. Murthy and Dr. K. Sujatha Murthy.
    Mrs. Nirmala Ramamurthy
  • Through one of my friend, I was referred to Sunayana Eye Hospital. I brought my father Mr Srikanta Sastry for cataract surgery. He had a successful outcome on 29-01-2011 and he is very happy. I am totally satisfied with the treatment & courtesy shown by doctor Sujatha Murthy & Dr. K.Y.N. Murthy of Sunayana Eye Hospital & all the staff.
    Sri Pujya Swamy Suryapada Art of Living


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