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Sunayana Pharma, Branch of Sunayana Eye Hospital caters the need of our patients by keeping all ophthalmic drugs under one roof.
Sunayana Pharma has very good storage facilities such as refrigerators to preserve and prolong the shelf life of the drugs. Drugs are purchased from only approved vendors & manufactures who are certified from Drug controllers department of India.
    Sunayana Pharma
Tips for using the eye drops:
Tighten the cap in the clock wise direction to open the vial.
Do not use safety pin or needle to open
Do not touch the tip of the nozzle with the finger
Replace the cap after the usage
A single drop to be used at a time
Spillage of eye lotion on the skin can cause skin allergy
Better to put the drop in lying down or leaning back posture
Pull the lower eye lid, look up and put the drops
Close your eyes for one minute applying pressure at the inner corner on the sides of the nose
All eye drops usually cause mild irritation for few seconds
If irritation persists for a longer period consult the doctor
Do not use the drops after the expiry date.
Once the vial is opened, it should be used within a month
Avoid self medication
Use the drops only for prescribed duration
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