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Sunayana Opticals & Contact Lens Center

Sunayana Opticals, a branch of Sunayana Eye Hospital offers one stop solution for corrective, cosmetic and therapeutic eyewear services to customers. Sunayana Opticals has a variety of frames, both Indian and imported, branded / unbranded and lenses for all age groups. With a state–of-the-art infrastructure, open display systems, wide range of choice, premium lenses and exclusive frames are displayed in the showroom. Customer can try and wear any frame of his/ her choice and style, with the help of our experienced and friendly staff.

Sunayana Opticals
The services include:   
Single vision lenses:
Only Distance lenses
Only reading lens
Intermediate vision lens for computer users.
Bifocal lenses:
KT Bifocals
D Bifocal
Progressive (No line bifocal or graduated lens)
Types of lens materials:
Types of Lenses:
Crystal White
Photocromatic / Transition
Crizal antireflection coating
Crizal Airwear A2
Hi-index Glasses / Resilens
Branded cooling glasses
List of Brands:
Lens: Essilor, Hoya, Corning etc
Frames: Safilo, Timex, Hush puppies, Idee, Guss,
Contact lenses:
Are optical devises which are in contact with the cornea and white portion of the eye used mainly to correct the refractive errors like short sight long sight and astigmatism.

  Basically there are two varieties of contact lens
  1) RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) Lens
  2) Soft contact lens

RGP Lens:

Rigid Gas Permeable contact lens are usually recommended for people with short sight and long sight (Hyperopia) associated with astigmatism. They must have better ocular tolerance to withstand the discomfort due to the rigidity of the contact lens. It is specially
recommended in a condition called keratoconus. It is meant to be used as daily wear lens and it is economical and durable.

Soft Contact Lens:
Soft contact lenses are classified as daily wear, extended wear and disposable lens. Generally disposable lenses are recommended. Disposable lenses are available as monthly disposable, 15 days disposable and daily disposables.
Special lenses are,
Toric lens to treat astigmatism
Bifocal contact lens to correct presbyopia
Extended wear soft contact lens with high water content for therapeutic conditions
Extended wear disposables like silicon hydrogen lens
Cosmetic soft lenses are used to change the color of the eyes.
Rose-K Contact Lens For keratoconus
Contact lens usage is quite common in the age of 15 to 18 years. If proper care is not taken with respect to contact lens hygiene, people can end up with allergies and infection.
List of contact lens suppliers
B & L
J & J
Ultra Vision
Ciba Vision & many more
At Sunayana, anybody who is interested in wearing the contact lenses preferably above the age of 15 years, should undergo the routine eye check up, trial fitting, teaching session to learn the contact lens insertion and removal, detailed counseling session to select the type of contact lens and also to understand the instructions to be followed while using the contact lens before placing the order.
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