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Lasik & Epilasik
Laser assisted insitu keratomileusis is a procedure to correct refractive errors like short sight, long sight and Astigmatism. By passing the laser beam the corneal curvature will be modified due to which the power gets corrected.
The pre requisites
Must be above 18 years of age
Power should be stable for at least 1 year
Contact Lens users should discontinue the lens for 15days to 1 month.
Following screening test will be done
  Routine eye checkup with fundoscopy
  Pentacam study
  Schirmer’s test
  Required lab test..
Spectacle and Contact Lens free vision
No hospitalization
No injection
Minimal discomfort
Immediate visual recovery
Both eyes will be corrected simultaneously.
Treatment for Keratoconus
What is Keratoconus?
Steepening and thinning of the cornea leading to irregular curvature (irregular Astigmatism) is termed as Keratoconus which in turn affects the vision. For progressive Keratoconus the following modalities of treatment will be done.
C3R – Collagen cross linking of cornea by riboflavin – By scraping the super fiscal layer the cornea riboflavin drops will be applied and subjected to U-V rays. This procedure aims at strengthening the collagen bondage thereby, inhibits the progression of the Keratoconus.
Corneal Intacs: They are implants in corneal stroma to reduce Astigmatism and stabilize Keratoconus.
DLK or Deeplamellar Keratoplasty: Surgical procedure done in advanced Keratoconus.
Rose-K lens: Specialized Contact Lens for Keratoconus.
Implantable Cl (ICL)
ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) this will correct Myopia, Hypermetropia and Astigmatism. This is indicated in people who cannot undergo LASIK treatment because of high power & thinner cornea.
Through the clear corneal small incision the ICL is implanted in between the natural clear lens and Iris. This is done under topical anesthesia. Postoperative recovery will be quick.
Proper measurements should be taken before deciding the power of ICL.
ICL implantation requires surgeon’s expertise. We are proud to inform that Sunayana Eye Hospital is one of the few Eye Hospitals in the country to carry out this procedure successfully.
ICL ICL inside the eye
Keratoplasty or Corneal Grafting:
Keratoplasty or Corneal Grafting will be done for corneal blindness i.e scarring of cornea due to injury, chemical burn etc.

If the retina and optic nerve are in good condition, corneal replacement will restore the vision.

The donor’s cornea will be grafted on to the patient’s eye. Either the whole cornea will be grafted (penetrating kerato plasty) or partial thickness of cornea (DLK)

The donor cornea is obtained from deceased’s eye which will be taken within six hours of death.

Anybody can become an eye donor irrespective of their age and sex.

Diabetes, hypertension, cataract surgery are not contra indications for eye donation.

Eyes are the only organs to be taken after death.

Before and after Corneal Grafting
Sunayana Eye Hospital is recognized by the state government of Karnataka to conduct corneal grafting under Human organ transplantation act, having required infrastructure.
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