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The Hospital has a built up area of 10000 SFT with basement parking area of 2500 SFT Every part of the hospital has been designed to provide a high quality of patient care and an atmosphere congenial for the health and rehabilitation of the ophthalmic patients.

The Hospital has necessary infrastructure to meet the needs of a modern eye centre, essential for the diagnosis and treatment of various eye disorders including sophisticated laser delivery systems and ultrasonographic instruments.

The Hospital has 2 sophisticated operation theatres of international standards for performing a variety of micro surgical procedures and has got 20 bed facilities divided into three different categories of wards for treatment to general and post operative cases. All the diagnostic and treatment facilities are made available to the patients under one roof with most competitive pricing policy.

List of instruments

Cataract Surgery:
Phaco emulsification unit from Biomedics
Phaco emulsification work station from Reticare
Operating Microscope from Takagi OM-5
Advanced operating microscope with XY coupling, Motorised zoom with CCTV connection being used for both phaco emulsification and Vitrectomy procedures.
A Scan Biometry unit
Echorule biometry unit
Slit lamp
  Magnon SL 250 – 1 unit
  Appasamy – 2 units
I care Tonopen
Goldman Applanation Tonometer
Non Contact Tonometer
Octopus Visual field analyzer
Optical coherence Tomography
Refractive Surgery(LASIK, ICL)
Allegreto wave light LASIK Lasers.
Pentacam & Topography unit
Pachymetry unit
Auto refracto meter
Auto refracto keretometer
C3R unit for progressive Keratoconus
Vitrioretina Services
State of the art operating microscope for vitrioretinal surgery
Advanced Vitractomy unit from Reticare.
Direct & Indirect Ophthalmocsope
OCT & Lasers
Oculoplasty & Squint
Operating Microscope
Micro surgical instruments
Radio frequency cautery
State of the art operation theatre with Air Conditioners and Filters, Air Purifier,Fumigator, UV lamp, Suction Apparatus, ECG monitor, Pluse Oxymeter, Defibrilator, Boyles Apparatus with Anaesthesia Gadgets, Air Compressor, Auto Clave units and Flash Sterilizers.

Well organized front office with computers, printers and fax which are connected to on line UPS & heavy duty generators for uninterrupted power supply. All computers connected together through network including OPD rooms along with intercom facility.
OPD (outpatient Department): Each OPD rooms consist of ophthalmic units, Auto refracto meter, Slit lamp unit, Ascan, Pachymetry, Direct & Indirect Ophthalmoscope and Tonometry.
Well equipped opticals & contact lens show rooms, low visual aid units with lensometer.
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