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Cataract FAQ’s

What is Cataract?

Why Cataract occurs?

What are the causes of cataract?

What are the symptoms of cataract?

Why IOL is needed?

When Cataract is to be operated?

What happens if Cataract is not operated?

Which is the best technology for Cataract surgery?

Does the procedure hurt?

Can Cataract come back after surgery?

How successful is Cataract surgery?

When to resume to duty after the surgery?

Refractive Surgery

What is the criteria for doing C3R?

What is the duration of C3R treatment?

Is the proccedure painful?

Does C3R causes blurring of vision?

Does C3R stabilize the vision in keratoconus?

Whether C3R give immediate results?

When do I start working after this treatment?


How do I know if I'm a candidate?

Is there an upper age limit for laser eye surgery?

I have hyperopia. Can I benefit from LASIK treatment?

If I have astigmatism, am I still a good candidate?

Does insurance cover LASIK operation?

What if I move my eye during treatment? What if I don't keep looking at the fixation light?

Is the LASIK procedure painful?

How long will the LASIK procedure take?

Is the effect of LASIK treatment permanent?

Will I see 20/20 after my procedure?

If I don't get full correction, can I be retreated?

How safe is laser treatment?

What are the most common side effects?


What is the Difference between ICLs and IOLs?

Are Implantable Contact Lenses Safe?

Are Both Eyes Treated at the Same Time?

Will I Feel the ICL after the Procedure?

What Results Should I Expect after ICL Treatment?

How do I know if I am a suitable ICL candidate?

Where is the ICL placed?

What is Toric ICL?

Does it hurt?

What is the ICL made of?

What if my vision changes after I receive the ICL?

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